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Collision Pro Fix was established in 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia with a single goal: to provide quality service with integrity and honesty.

We love doing quality work, meeting each manufacturer’s standards and making our customers trust their cars to us, this by employing the best talent and using the highest quality materials.

At Collision Pro Fix we want to provide peace of mind to all our customers by making the repair process as easy and stress-free as possible, from delivery of the vehicle to our shop to pick-up.

We put customer satisfaction first and foremost in everything we do, while we have several OEM certifications and trainings, which has made us grow with quality and be in the process of becoming a leader in comprehensive collision repair.

We are proud of the work we have done for our customers and continue with the same goal since we entered this business, to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and look forward to serving them consistently for many years to come.




Did you get hit in the car?

We can help you.

We estimate your collision according to the damages of your car.


Routine maintenance and adjustment services


We carry out beautification, bodywork and painting services so that your vehicle is always impeccable.

General maintenance

Comprehensive routine maintenance, which includes all the services necessary for the perfect functioning of your vehicle.

Oil change

We change the oil and filter of your vehicle, ensuring the quality of life of your engine for a long time.


We provide a comprehensive brake service: brake pad replacement, band adjustment and replacement of brake discs and drums.

Fluid check

Lubricants, oil, lubrication of moving parts, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, among others.


Change and repair of tires, as well as rotation and general adjustments of your tires.

Major Repairs

Collision repair and paint

We perform a diagnosis of the condition of the part of your car that has suffered damage and once we detect if the part can be repaired or must be replaced, under the specifications of each manufacturer, we make an estimate and subsequent repair or replacement of the part, leaving your car looking like new.

Repair, replace and rebuild engines

If your engine has faults, strange noises, loss of power or abnormal oil consumption, our experts will carry out a thorough inspection to determine the root cause of the problem. Depending on the severity and feasibility, we will proceed to repair or replace the engine, using high-quality parts and in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

Replace and rebuild transmissions

We perform a thorough diagnosis to determine if the transmission requires a complete replacement or a rebuild. We use high-quality parts and follow manufacturer standards to ensure optimum, long-lasting performance.

Chassis straightening and compact

The chassis straightening service consists of correcting deformations or misalignments in the vehicle structure using specialized techniques and equipment to restore its original shape, guaranteeing its safety and proper functioning.

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